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Zuma Games

Zuma Games

Zuma Games

The success of Zuma has inspired many game developers to create their variations. Zuma have started the new game genre called marble popper. The core of gameplay is making groups of three or more balls of the same color to eliminate them. There is a constantly moving chain of colored balls – if it reaches special point you will lose and the level will be restarted.

Of course most of the Zuma games have a twist which makes it special. There are many different power ups, bonuses, collectable awards and so on. All developers do their best to release an outstanding title.

The most famous from Zuma games is Luxor. The games from Luxor series have been downloaded for more than 500 millions times. Polished gameplay which is a combination of Zuma and breakout and great production values made this series so popular. Another interesting feature is pseudo 3D prerendered backgrounds which makes gameplay of Luxor even more special.

We've collected the best of Zuma games for you. Everyone can choose the game he will like.

Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife



Luxor 3

Luxor 2



Bengal: Game of Gods

Atlantis Sky Patrol